# jazz.ninja privacy terms

* We (the jazz.ninja service provider) dont store anything besides the http logs which contain your ip address, the email you logged in with, and time of access. * We wont sell anything to anyone (even if we did have something to sell haha). * The service uses webrtc, so you talk do the other people in the room. * We dont record any sound or video * We use google oauth2 to check if you have account with the specific domain (namespace), which means this request will go to them, and they will do whatever they want with the request data. Check out google api-services-user-data-policy for what they do with it. * For the jazz cinema (jazz.ninja/cinema) we use youtube's api, you can check out their policies at: https://www.youtube.com/about/policies/

# jazz.ninja terms and conditions

(not sure how to do this..) * You must be over 16 years old to use jazz.ninja. * We (jazz.ninja platform) are not responsible for anything you hear or view on jazz.ninja. As you are talking with other human beings on the platform, we can not be held responsible for what they say or do. * The communication between you and the other users on the platform is done via webrtc through a broadcast relay. (For more info check webrtc-security.github.io) * You must be nice to the other people using jazz.ninja If you do not agree with this terms, you must leave the platform.